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Five Incredible, Healthy Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar According to Science

The use of Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV rose to fame when celebrities like Beyonce used this magical ingredient as part of a detoxification concoction to prepare for roles that require them to be at a certain size for a short amount of time. However, Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV can be used in so many different ways. I personally use ACV for my skin and that’s just among the many other healthy uses for ACV.

The Healthiest Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Great for Skin

This certain kind of vinegar called ACV undergoes the same preparation of how alcohols are made, through fermentation and distillation. Apples are the main ingredients of this ACV and to produce this vinegar, organic catalysts and bacilli strains are added to the crushed fruits. Over time, these healthy and good bacilli strains work on converting the sugars present in the fruit and turn them into fruits. This mixture is then fermented twice.

Unfiltered cider, such as the widely-available and equally-popular Bragg’s retains most of the substance that has the “basic” and most important bacilli strains. These bacilli strains gives unfiltered cider their acetic acidity, which is effective against bacilli strains. This makes unfiltered cider great as a natural disinfectant and a natural remedy against nail fungal diseases, ear diseases due to bacterial growth, viral infestations like warts and even lice.

Lowers Weight and Cuts down Belly Fat

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I would definitely say that the unfiltered cider’s recent popularity can be attributed to Beyonce. In one of her interviews, she shared how ACV helped her lose several dress sizes to prepare for her role in Dreamgirls. According to science, this is actually true.

There are studies that looked into the effects of unfiltered cider on a person’s appetite and feelings of fullness. One study to note is where a group of people who consumed high-carb foods had an increased in feelings of fullness when they took unfiltered ACV together with their meal. This ended up taking in less 200-275 calories through the day.

Even more interesting research about the link of a person’s drop in mass and the use of cider was the experiment involving people with obesity. In the said experiment, it was discovered that people who took 15 mL of ACV lost about 2.6 pounds and people who took 30 mL of cider lost about 3.7 pounds over the period of 90 days. However, it is still worth noting that people’s drop in size is determined by so many factors that even one change in a person’s daily food intake can cause enough changes in a person’s mass.

Cider may be a natural aide for promoting lowered mass level because it is able to help in managing a person’s level of glucose in their blood and insulin.  To learn more about the top kinds of ciders that act as a natural aid, see our top rated ciders article

Manages Blood Sugar Levels and Reduces Risk of Getting Diabetes

Diabetes come about when the body is not able to produce nor deal with a hormone called insulin. This polypeptide hormone is responsible for signaling the body to suck in the glucose from the bloodstream in order to be converted into what gives the body strength.

When glucose do not get properly converted, the amount of glucose in blood inside the person’s body continues to remain high the body is more prone to sickness and contracting diabetes.

Despite being made from fruits, unfiltered ACV is able to fight against this disease because of its content called acetic acid. Acetic acid is believed to have the capability to slow down the conversion of sugars into cellular power which ends up with the body having enough time to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream.

Decreases Cholesterol and Promotes Heart Wellness

High bad cholesterol grade in the bloodstream is the top contributor of having heart disease. Even though the studies were done on animals, it was a big discovery that the vinegar may help promote a healthy heart.

The only study done on people were an observation on the link between the low bad cholesterol grade of women who ate vinegar together with their salad.

It is worth reiterating that this does not prove any causation, but more of a healthy link between the two.

Can Help the Fight against the Big-C

Statistics show that cancer is among the worst diseases to have that is caused by the abnormal multiplication of cells. As this is a deadly disease, people strive in finding ways that will help fight it.

Among the most recent healthiest uses of unfiltered ACV is its capability to kill cancer cells and eventually shrink lumps. While this studies were done in test tubes and on animals, there are observational studies on people diagnosed with throat cancer in China. The study concluded that taking cider led to decrease in throat cancer.

Like the link between having a healthy heart and vinegar, the finding on the link between cancer prevention and adding vinegar as a supplement to one’s daily food intake is more of an association rather than causation. As with many medical findings, consulting your physician before trying any new medications is the best first step in order to prevent getting any undesirable effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar Against Belly Fat


It’s no wonder why this substance gets a lot of good reputation all over the internet all thanks to all of the positive health claims that many people have seemed to receive just by making use of ACV. Even I, myself, have observed many of the perks spoken of above.

Before going ahead and making this substance your go-to solution for all of your health concerns, I would definitely advice you to check with your physician whether it’s safe. The findings in the researches quoted were inconclusive to prove actual cause and effect.

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