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Important Gun Safety — Tips, Tricks & Care

The second amendment of the United States Constitution states a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This clearly indicates that citizens of the United States have the freedom to bear arms to protect themselves against anyone or anything.

As an American citizen, I was happy our government had authorized me to have a gun for myself and therefore decided to purchase one. I didn’t really need a gun but fancied myself holding a firearm just for the heck of it. I had some finances to spare and therefore decided to make an investment for protecting myself.

I was determined to understand the Second Amendment in its entirety to ensure I will not be contravening the laws of the country before I chose and purchase a gun for myself. Looking for the information on the type of guns I could own, the places where I could carry firearms, and the kind of permits I needed to carry a concealed weapon in the public was easy to find from websites which had published the information.

I was however surprised that the Second Amendment made no mention about gun safety and simply authorized the citizens of America to bear arms. I was aware of numerous accidents which involved people who had been injured because they did not handle their guns appropriately. I had no intention of becoming another victim of this fallacy and therefore decided to educate myself on the subject before I ventured into the market to purchase a gun for myself.

Going through the information I gathered about gun safety made me wonder whether I really needed the protection when I could easily avail it from the law enforcement agencies. However, I realized I was accepting a personal responsibility by investing in a gun and was required to follow the basic safety rules in order to prevent severe personal injury or even a fatality. The responsibility exposed me to how I should care for the gun by following the safety rules.

What Are The Basic Safety Rules For Handguns

– I was required to treat all firearms in my possession as they were loaded.

– I could not point at anything or cover anything with the muzzle unless I was prepared to shoot.

– Never keep your finger on the trigger, you will want to leave it beyond the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

– I had to be certain of the target I was aiming at along with my line of fire.

– Storing the firearm safely and securely was also a responsibility I was assuming. I had to ensure that the firearm would not fall in the hands of unauthorized persons or children along with any ammunition I stored.

I was comfortable with the first four safety rules for handguns but the rule of secure and safe storage certainly made me consider of the things I need to invest in to ensure my investment never fell into the wrong hands. The realization set me on a hunting spree to understand how I could store my gun safely preventing even family members from accessing it unless authorized by me.

Tricks I Learned From Friends For Using Guns Safely

As a first-time purchaser, I was not aware of any tricks which would make it easier for me to use my gun safely. I decided to make inquiries with my friends some of whom even had permits to carry concealed weapons. I was advised of the following information which I think was appropriate.

 – I was informed by my friends never to store guns loaded when they were not being used and was advised to remove the ammunition from the firearm immediately as I was finished using it.

– Assuming my gun is unloaded was another precaution I was advised. I had to ensure the gun was empty after confirming it myself.

– Depending on the safety catch of the gun was another factor which I was advised against. Being a mechanical device the safety catch had the potential to become inoperable when it was most required.

– Using the correct ammunition and being certain about my target was also necessary. Using improper ammunition could cause damages to the gun and also leave behind personal injuries to myself. Shooting it a target without understanding where the shot will strike was something I had to avoid for fear of injuring someone or disregarding the safety of others.

 – I was also advised to purchase eye and ear protection for use whenever I was shooting. This was to ensure I did not suffer any hearing damage and protected my vision from any malfunction of the firearm which could occur in rare cases.

Finally, I got to learn from my friends it was essential for me to learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the gun I was purchasing. I was told that firearms are all different and therefore before handling the firearm I was purchasing I had to familiarize myself with safe gun handling rules for carrying, handling, loading, unloading, and cleaning the gun. I was also advised to go through the gun manual to fully understand how the firearm should or can be used. It was important for me to understand the usage of the gun, the storage as well as the handling of I could even contemplate carrying it for my safety or safe use.

taking care of a firearm

Caring for the Gun Was Also An Issue I Had to Look at

Caring for the firearm I purchased was a factor I couldn’t ignore because storing the gun in an ordinary cabinet or a drawer was not an option. I had to ensure the firearm did not fall in unauthorized hands even from within my family. I had heard about numerous incidents of kids taking guns belonging to their parents to schools and other places to cause mayhem which resulted in casualties. I was determined not to become a victim of such incidents. I, therefore, began searching for information on how I could maintain the weapon safely.

The information I collected needed even more investments from me for the storage. It made me realize that simply purchasing a gun and some ammunition wasn’t the end of the matter. Despite having the finances needed for additional investments I saw no harm in trying to cut back on some expenses. Eventually, I decided on the following measures for caring of the gun.

– I was not prepared to invest in a new safe for storing the gun and therefore chose to purchase an appropriate safe for the storage from used safes being offered on the market.

– I decided not to store the ammunition beside the gun in order to be certain I would not be a victim of any inadvertent occurrences at home in the event of forgetting to lock the safe.

– I had a discussion with my family along with my children to make them aware of my decision about investing in a firearm. I made it abundantly clear to everyone it was just a measure to protect ourselves and not a showpiece which could be displayed to anyone by any member of the family.


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Four rules for firearm safety

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