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The Best Vape Juice & E-Liquids Reviews (2019)

Vaping has revolutionized the smoking experience by providing an alternative to the traditional cigarette, of which, contains high level of chemicals. But, what makes vaping a preferred way of smoking has a lot to do with the many kinds of juices a person can try and choose from. 

Vape juice can also be termed as e-liquid or e-juice and these words are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing. 

But then we ask, what is the best tasting juice to buy? As a regular vaper, I have had the experience of trying various kind and flavors of vape juices during the last five years. It is very important for everyone to know exactly which flavor they may like the best and then can only a person really enjoy the process of vaping.

I have done a lot of good research on finding the best vape juice and with my experience of trying hundreds of them, I have finally chosen the Blue Razzle Berry Vape Juice (click here to see it).

I claim this because of the quality of the product and the original flavor of blue berry that one can taste while vaping. This juice has the best vapors that fill in your mouth and give you a taste that is unmatched. I will explain the specific characteristics of this product in detail later which make it my favorite vape juice.

My Top 10 Vape Juices For Taste & Clouds (Reviewed)



Product Name:







Blue Razzle Berry Vape Juice by VaporFi

Blue Razzle Berry is one of the sweetest flavors possible out there and it is even more tasty than the flavor of the original flavor. This is a super aromatic juice that comes to you by blending of tart blueberry and ripened raspberry. With this mixture, you can also get a taste of sourness in the vape along with the sweetness when you inhale.

My Impression:

This is the vape juice that I use the most because of two main reasons. The first thing about this juice is that it gives very strong sweet and sour flavor with a great mix of blueberry and raspberry. I am crazy about blueberry and I can enjoy the flavor any time around the year. Secondly, this vape juice gives the best vapor and one can really enjoy a mouth full of the smoke.  I loved using this product and highly recommend to everyone. 

More features

-The users can choose from either fifty percent (Propylene Glycol) PG / fifty percent (Vegetable Glycerin) VG or MAX VG.

-It comes with a shortfill of 60 ml bottle.

-10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix is also included in this product.


Mango Tango Vape Juice

Imagine sucking into the juice of a very well ripe mango in the hot summer days, this vape juice gives you exactly the same feelings. This is a very delightful tasty flavored that it will make you enjoy every bit of the vaping experience. A suggestion that comes with this product is that it cannot be used with the pen tanks that have polycarbonate in it.

My Impression:

This vacuum is small, lightweight and seems to be cleverly designed for cleaning. The cup comes out and goes back in easily and is a decent size for the size of the vacuum and I do not think that there should be a reason for the cup to be any bigger. If the dirt cup is full, it can easily be thrown away.  I also like this product because it doesn’t have a roller because I appreciate not having to cut thread from around a roller.

More features

-This e-liquid is made in a state of the art creating facility. The laboratory is recognized by the TPD as a registered tobacco manufacture.

-It comes with a shortfill of 60 ml bottle.

-This product includes 10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix.

berry bash e liquid


Berry Bash by VaporFi

This flavor is perfect in so many ways but most of all, it is a mix of three different berries that is definitely better than just one berry in yours vape juice. The vibrant taste in this vape juice comes from the amazing blend of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry flavors. This is one of the most recommended flavor by the customers as the flavor is as fresh as the fruit and one can smoke it any time of the year.

My Impression:

I had started my vaping experience with the amazing flavor of this vape juice and I do not regret it at all. It was just like eating the three kinds of berries all at once and it could not get any better. I loved that this vape juice gives a mouth full of smoke as well. This vape juice gives a flavor that is perfect amount of sweet and it would give an absolute pleasure to your taste bud as you smoke this.

More features

-Glycerin comes from a variety of agents but the one in this product comes directly from Soybean with a definite quality insurance to reduce peanut allergies. 

-10 ML/30 ML /60 ML and 120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix is also included in this product.

-In addition, this product comes with a shortfill of 60 ml bottle.

menthol freeze e liquid


Menthol Freeze - The Freshest Feeling

Like the name suggests, this flavor has the taste to freeze your mouth with the taste that is as cold as ice. It is not very different than breathing icicles when you are vaping with a Menthol Freeze Vape Juice in it. The effect is not just limited to the mouth rather the glacial impact goes all the way to the lungs with a fresh feeling in the body.

My Impression:

I wish I had known about this flavor when I was living in a very hot region a few years ago. The freshness that comes with this flavor is just unmatchable and cannot be achieved by any other vape juice. The cool breeze flows throughout the body while your mouth has a great taste of mint to keep you interested in the vaping experience. 

More features

-Since this flavoring is specifically manufactured be inhaled, they even go beyond just “food grade” as they have been approved by the GRAS. 

-It includes a shortfill of 60 ml bottle.

-This product comes with 10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix.

Havana Beach e liquid


VaporFi Havana Beach GRND RSRV Short Fill

This product can now be bought in 60ml for people who vape quite frequently. This vape juice will give you the perfect experience of Caribbean shore as you will feel the breeze of island, the waves lapping in your body and perfect Havana smell. The creamy coconut candy flavor is well aided by the mild black tobacco as you inhale form yours vape pen and it closes on your exhale with buttery rich and deep caramel note.

My Impression:

This product has surprised me the most. I was a little suspicious when I was buying this product first considering I had never used this new version. It proved me wrong and I could totally feel the flavor of the tobacco in my lungs while tasting a great rich coconut and caramel in my mouth. This was overall an amazing experience.

More features

-This product is manufactured with firmly abidance to cGMP operation standards, in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines.

-A 60ML bottle filled with 50ML of vape juice and an optional 18MG nicotine shot is included in this product.

-The customer can choose between 50% PG / 50% VG or MAX VG

american red tabacco e liquid


American Red Tobacco Vape Juice - A Classic

As the name suggests, this is one of America’s most celebrated vape juice that gives you a classic taste of American history. This is a patriotic blend that is made in the United State and is very well consumed by Americans. This juice is quite strong in nicotine and is recommended for people who want to quit smoking and shift to the world of vaping as you would not miss your cigarette much. This is present in three different strengths and you can either choose from single, double or triple shots.

My Impression:

I used this vape juice in the beginning and it was not a bad option at all. It helped me make a smooth transition from smoking to vaping because I could still feel like smoking with the triple shot of this e-liquid. It is great to be taken directly into lungs. This shot is for you either you are up for the clouds or just want a great flavor. This might not knock you out, but it is a great flavored smoking alternative.

More features

-This product is bottled very well and comes in child proof bottle if you have kids around in your house.

-You can select from 10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix.

-The 60ml bottle of shortfill is an exemplary addition to this product.


Candy Corn Vape Juice - A Festival Smoke

This vape juice is for all the candy lovers out there. This is a blend of fluffy pillow made of marshmallow that is sugary and a seasonal chai flavor that comes with the spicy touch. Once you start inhaling this vape juice, you can totally see yourself having chai and marshmallow at the same time and it is amazing with the sweet and spicy flavors.

It will take you all the way back to your childhood as the marshmallow is coded with lush cake to make it even sweeter for the customers. The exhale will also be a remarkable experience as you can feel the sweet spicy smoking exiting your lungs all the way to your mouth.

My Impression:

I could really relate to this vape juice as I have loved candies as a kid. I could not believe how many memories came back when I was vaping this e-liquid and all of that is because it gives you the full flavor of the candies. The ingredients are of the best quality and there is no compromise on the smoke either. The chai flavor adds a spicy touch that makes the vaping experience an ecstatic one. Furthermore, it is very good for the economical price that you get in. I would suggest this to people who are looking for something light and sweet.

More features

-This E-Liquid base is made up of USP Grade Kosher ingredients that are reliable and well tested.

-10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and equal amounts of base mix can be found in this product.


VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Short Fill

It is never a bad idea for smokers to fill the coffee experience in yours vape and Vaporfi’s Raspberry Mocha vape juice gives you that very taste. A freshly prepared coffee layer is given by the espresso imprint that immerses on the back note, while the great mixture of raspberry and chocolate add up to the coffee-vaping phenomenon. This product is prepared in rivalled coffee cups to give you the real experience of your favorite coffee shop or your loved barista anywhere in the world.

My Impression:

I fell in love with this product in the first use because I am a morning person and I usually used to smoke right after I would have breakfast. This was two in one for me as I could easily skip breakfast at times and just go straight to vaping when I was not in the mood to get up and struggle with my coffee and bread. I feel like the nicotine level that was needed for my body to wake me up and make me ready to face the day is well provided by this vape juice and therefore I am grateful to have switched to vaping in the first place.

More features

-This product comes with a 1 60ML bottle that has 50ML of vape juice and an optional 18MG Nicotine shot.

-The origin of this product can be traced back by looking at the little labels known as the Lot Numbers to check the authenticity.

-You can choose your nicotine shot from either no nicotine, 18 mg nic. shot or 18mg salt nic. shot.


Very Vanilla - The Perfect Blend of Lightness

This vape juice is for all those people who are looking for ice cream flavors to add to their smoking life. It is made up of vanilla sugar and cream to give you the perfect taste of vanilla. 

This is an absolutely pure and delicious taste for all the traditionalists while for the rest, the good news is that this vape juice can be mixed with any other flavor of your choice. You can make it just like a Neapolitan by adding chocolate and strawberry to your vanilla vape juice.

My Impression:

I honestly believe that I had a wonderful experience of using this vape juice. I am not a huge ice cream person and I just tried this flavor to know the taste but then I almost got addicted to it as it was honestly driving me crazy with the delicious smoke of vanilla. I have suggested this vape juice to many of my friends and they have loved using it for light delight and non-excessive vaping.  It is worth a try for everyone.

More features

-The formulas for making this vape juice is on file with the TPD to ensure the quality of the product.

-The 60ml bottle of shortfill is an amazing plus point of this product.

-This product includes 10/30/60/120 ML bottles of flavor and the same quantity of base mix.


Watermelon Chill - A Summer's Coolest Smoke

This is one of the best vape juices that can found in the menthol flavor. This is exceptionally chilling part of yours vape flavor and highly enjoyable. Beat a hot day or a bad mood with the amazing blend of watermelon and menthol freeze. There cannot be a better combination than the cool menthol and the fresh watermelon. This summer you should know what you are going to buy to keep yourself refreshed and active in the hot sunny days.

My Impression:

I really liked this vape juice in the summer time although I do not really use this when I am visiting cold places or during winter. Nevertheless, the taste of the watermelon can be fully felt when smoking this vape and you can really exhale knowing that menthol freeze is leaving your lungs.

More features

-It is comprised of watermelon and menthol freeze.

-Top rated glycerin is used in this product that is issued directly from Soybean.

-The packaging is approved by the TPD and recognized as a tobacco manufacturer.

How to fill your vape with e-liquid

How Does Vape Juice Work?

The vapor in vapes is produced by the liquid in the vape pen which we know as vape juice. At a temperature between 200-400 maintained by the vaporizer, the liquid changes into vapor and can be inhaled by the user. The vape juice can be made with or without nicotine and by adding water and the flavoring is done by food grade flavoring. A huge amount of the vape juice is composed of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).

Health and Safety Measures

It is important to note here that the health impact of vape and vape products are still unknown but vape juice containing nicotine must be used carefully as they have adverse effect on your health. There are no specific expiry dates for the vape juices but under extreme condition, like high temperature or if kept for a very long time; the vape juice ingredients will start to decay, and the flavor of the e-liquid can change. 

The vape juices can last for as long as two years but must be kept in favorable conditions. Considering all of this, vaping is still less hazardous to your health than smoking cigarettes because vape juices are mostly made from natural ingredients except that one must be mindful of the nicotine level in the vape. Some safety measure to keep in mind is that vape juices are flammable as they contain nicotine which can evaporate at 20^o C. 

There are four different kinds of chemicals that are present in vape juice including Glycerin, water, nicotine and flavoring. PG and VG in vape juice do have calories and they can measure up to 4 calories per gram. This is not a huge amount that will cause weight gain or any adverse impact on the user unless the food that is taken alongside vaping is very influential on your date. It is highly advised that vape juices are kept away from the reach of children as they can misuse it or drink it which can cause serious health issues because of the present of nicotine and other chemicals.


These are the top ten e-liquids or vape juices that I am recommending to you all based on my personal experience and researching on the products and after going through reviews of other users. The aim of this exclusive list of the best vape juices is to help you all with buying yours vape juice with confidence and trust. It will save you time and it is very necessary that all of us are informed about what we are buying from the market. 

I hope that you have a guide now to consult before you go to buy yours vape juice. Be sure to check out the most asked questions about vaping hereConsidering the challenges of searching through the internet or going into the market looking for vape juices, I have come up with a list of best juices to use in your vape pen that could really work for you. This list comes from a thorough research and a good experience in vaping. I am happy to know that you got to know the top ten best vape juices.

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