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The Best Synthetic Motor Oils


Did you know that most problems with engine and overall car performance starts when using the wrong motor oil? 

Yep, it can really make a difference in the way your vehicle is running. Not to mention the role engine oil plays in protecting your engine and turbocharger parts from the weather conditions.

It quite simply will keep your vehicle at its highest performance and will preventing any future malfunctioning. It’s excruciating how many drivers don’t pay attention to this factor when maintaining their vehicles. And usually is not them to be blamed – there aren’t many mechanics who are willing to educate you on the importance of using the right synthetic motor oil for your car. 

So, the bottom line is, you have to educate yourself if you want to use your car properly, Especially if you plan on changing the oil yourself. And if you ran into this article, you are lucky because in here, you will find out everything you need to know about best motor oils for 2018. Let’s get started!

The Best Motor Oil Brands Compared & Reviewed (2019)



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Mobil 1 - The Best Motor Oil for High Mileage

Mobil 1 is known as one of the leaders in the car industry, especially when it comes to synthetic motor oils. This particular one, is one of the top high mileage motor oils in the market, and there’s a good reason for it.

It offers excellent lubrication and gear protection, which is an essential component for cars with high mileage. Even if you don’t think you should start using a high mileage motor oil like this, consider the fact that the parts of your engine are far more sensitive than the part in a newer car. 

Thus, by using a specifically designed product, you will definitely do good for all those parts that are running meticulously inside the engine.In addition to that, 5W-30 will reduce sludge and deposit that can be a result of evaporating. 

Also, a big plus is that Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor Oil will prevent leaks, which is one of the major issues with this type of vehicle. That way, all the critical parts will be protected in the best possible way.


  • – Great Engine Protection
  • – Specialized for High Mileage Vehicles
  • – Prevents Leaking
  • – Reasonably Priced


  • – None


Liqui Moly 2041 Premium European Brand

Liqui Moly offers a complete and full gear and engine protection for all types of vehicles. As it says in the title, this premium synthetic motor oil will make your vehicle purr like a kitten! Liqui Moly offers a complete and full gear and engine protection for all types of vehicles. 

As it says in the title, this premium synthetic motor oil will make your vehicle purr like a kitten! The other benefit of using this particular Liqui Moly motor oil is its rapid delivery at low temperatures. 

For those of you who are living in the parts where winters aren’t so moderate, it’s a perfect solution for never-ending ignition problem you’re facing each day. This stuff is made in GERMANY, it’s darn good! However, the oil is very reliable in lubricating the engine and its parts even in the high temperatures, so there’s no need to worry about the lifetime of the vehicle if you’re using Liqui Moly.


  • – Rapid Oil Delivery At Low Temperatures
  • – Great Lubrication High & Low Temperatures
  • Engine Clearness
  • Suitable for All Mileages


  • Not so Handy When It Comes To Spout Design


Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC

According to some users, this Castrol GTX MAGNATEC Synthetic Motor Oil gives an outstanding performance when it comes to keeping the oil delivery up and running. It is designed to give the essential protection from the moment you start your car.

Which is a great news for all those drivers who are struggling with ignition. Since the 75% of engine wear occurs right after the first morning ignition, Castrol found the formula that keeps the engine wear at the minimum regardless of the weather and temperature condition. The secret is in tiny molecules, which don’t drain off the oil from the engine. 

The other part of these intelligent molecules in Castrol oil is that they form the additional layer between the gear, which provides a proper lubrication at any given time. In other words, it will keep the critical gear up to 4x smoother than any other synthetic brand. 


  • – Intelligent Molecules Technology For Rapid Oil Delivery
  • – Keeps the Engine Smooth and Clear at Any Given Temperature
  • High Lubrication
  • Great Overall Performance


  • – Not Available for All Viscosity


Royal Purple 51530 - Motor Oil For High Performance Cars

This type of synthetic motor oil will give you a whole other perspective on keeping your engine clear and smooth. The main feature that Royal Purple can offer to your car is an increased fuel efficiency. 

The most of the other synthetic oils on the market focused on better delivery and temperature resistance as their primary features; but Royal Purple turned their head in other direction.

Fuel efficiency means so much when thinking about it in a broader sense – not only you will spending less money on fuel (because your engine will work more efficiently with the fuel) but you will also maintain the engine healthy, without risking collecting too much deposits. 

Plus, this type of synthetic motor oil is perfectly compatible with fuel that contains ethanol.On the other hand, Royal Purple synthetic motor oil will protect your engine and gear from corrosion, providing the interior of the car with superb and quality protection for a longer lifetime and performance. Works well with both gasoline and diesel engines


  • – Intelligent Molecules Technology For Rapid Oil Delivery
  • – Keeps the Engine Smooth and Clear at Any Given Temperature
  • High Lubrication
  • Great Overall Performance


  • – Not Available for All Viscosity


Pennzoil 550036541 Platinum Motor Oil

It seems like Pennzoil’s Platinum Synthetic Motor Oil has it all: it will protect the engine from high temperatures, keep it smooth and lubricated, as well as improve the fuel economy and increase the horsepower. 

We all know what it means when the engine starts falling behind with the power and performance and it usually comes as a consequence of an irregular maintenance or as a usage of wrong blends. 

Thus, by using this Pennzoil’s, your car will get a full protection – and more. It will even protect the engine from friction and oxygen stability, which can be a helpful addition to your overall performance.


  • – All-in-One Protection
  • – Fuel Economy
  • – Protection in Extreme Temperatures


  • –  Not For Hybrids
  • –  Not Compatible with Foreign Models


Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic

Keeping your engine clean is one of the essential features of a great synthetic motor oil, and Valvoline definitely made sure to optimize it in this type of oil. 

A cleaner engine means a superb performance, a faster ignition time, and greater velocity of the running parts. On the other side, there’s an outstanding temperature protection which helps the engine to cool down when it’s too heated and to stay warm when it’s too cold. It meets all the requirements for different types of engines, including turbochargers and superchargers.


  • – Compatible With Every Engine (Including Turbochargers and Superchargers)
  • Cleaner Engine Without Sludge
  • Excellent Temperature Regulation
  • Fuel Efficiency


  • – Not For Hybrids
  • – Not Compatible with Foreign Models


Shell ROTELLA T6 - Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

One of the most powerful diesel engine oils, with 1.5% improved fuel economy compared to other brands. Shell’s oil is based on Triple Protection Plus formula that contains additives which can improve the durability of your engine. 

It also can ensure longevity of most of the engines other parts. Other than that, it’s crafted with special components that keeps the velocity at the high level, preventing the velocity loss and giving the engine an optimum oil pressure from the moment you start the car.


  • -High Weight & Excellent for Diesel Automobiles
  • -Resists Velocity Loss
  • -Improved Fuel Economy


  • – Average Performance

Should I Use a Full Synthetic-Blend?

Absolutely you can, in fact if you want to save a bit of money you can go with using a blend that mixes both types. The best oil brands to date are known to have a variety of different mixtures (not just full synthetic).

Typically you’ll find something like this with Castrol, Rotella, Valvoline, and many others where they reduce the price and as a result… reduce the engine life protection. 

However, this is completely fine on cars, trucks, and SUV’s which aren’t necessarily high performance. Whether you’re talking about diesel or petrol, this fact still applies.

What are the benefits of Synthetic Oil?

If the motor oil is so vital to your vehicle, how come no one ever talked about it in length? Well, probably because there’s a preconditioned thinking that all men know everything about car without asking or reading about it. After all, cars are manly thing, right?

Unfortunately, this attitude can leave you in the dark when it comes to knowing synthetic motor oils. There are various brands that offer quality but only a few will get deeper into the topic and explain why do you need full-synthetic . Here you will read a couple of reasons why bother with synthetic motor oils.

#1 Keep The Heart Running for MUCH Longer

Synthetic motor oil is not the only choice you can use for your car but it’s by far the best way to go. Since it’s purified, refined, and distilled, it offers more benefits than conventional motor oil. The engine needs a lubricant to keep it clean and running, so both oils will do good.

However, a synthetic motor oil offers another feature which conventional blends do not. Because of its chemical benefits, a synthetic motor oil will rarely turn into sludge, like a conventional oil does over time. The engine will keep its performance and efficiency at optimal levels when using only full-synthetic, which means your car will work smoothly and the engine will be clean. 

#2 Excellent Protection in LOW temperatures

When your car stays outside over the night, the oil in the engine settles, so it takes more time to start the car in the morning. This is a normal thing for each vehicle; however, the time that takes the engine to start running in the morning is much shorter for vehicles that use synthetic motor oil. Again, the secret is in the chemical composition of synthetic oils, which come with greater velocity, allowing the engine to start working quickly even at the low temperatures.

Why is this important? Because the engine can get damaged if it’s exposed to low temperature for too long. Thus, by using a synthetic motor oil you will prevent any friction that may occur during cold weather and lower temperatures, and you won’t face any difficulties when igniting the engine in the morning or after a period of not driving the car.

#3 HIGH Protection from Excessive Wear

Besides keeping the engine protected from the outer weather conditions, synthetic motor oil also prevents the inside of the engine to get damaged. All the parts that form the engine are extremely engaged when the vehicle is running, so it’s crucial to lubricate them properly to avoid breakdowns at high speeds or some unusual working conditions. 

If we have in mind how fast each of the parts is moving and multiply it by how many hours per day we’re using our vehicles… Well, you probably get the idea that the engine is under a severe stress. Thus, a proper synthetic oil is crucial to create the barrier between the parts in the engine, so they can work at their best performance for a long period of time.

#4 Works in High Temperatures

Low temperatures are not the only weather related problem that might affect the engine performance. The heat is another thing that you should be aware. While running, the engine gets heated, and most conventional motor oils evaporate due to their lack of resistance to high temperatures. However, synthetic motor oils are designed to resist these temperatures and enable the engine to work correctly despite the heat within the car. The vehicle won’t get easily overheated which means it will last longer and perform better.

#5 Works Extremely Well with Turbocharged & Supercharged Automobiles

Most modern types of cars and trucks have smaller engines (compared to before) to offer better fuel efficiency, so the car manufacturers added a turbocharger that boosts the power and keeps the car at certain speed. 

The issue with this type of engine is that turbocharger can significantly increase the temperature inside the vehicle, which can, again, affect the overall performance of the car. With the right synthetic motor oil – and we’ll talk about different oils in a bit – the turbocharger will be lubricated quickly, enabling the engine to work properly even at peak performance.

Now you know why you need to bother with synthetic motor oils. They play a vital role in the overall performance of your car, so it’s essential to pick the right type to get the MOST out of your vehicle. In the next section, we’ll give you the best of the best motor oils for 2018 with all the pros and cons of using them

Need help changing your motor oil?


Now that we’ve covered all the 7 best synthetic motor oils for 2018, it’s time to recap. Firstly, having a reliable synthetic motor oil is crucial for keeping your engine working properly and last long.

Without a lubricant, the engine gear will slowly start to decompose, leaving the engine unprotected and prone to friction. 

On the other hand, a synthetic motor oil is required to level the temperature inside the engine.Keep in mind that most of the synthetic motor oils that we’ve reviewed in the upper part of the article work fine on every type of vehicle but before you use any of them, make sure you check the compatibility for your type of vehicle. If you’re not using a synthetic oil yet, there’s a good reason why you should consider switching to one. After all, you just want the best for your car, don’t you?

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