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Best Handheld Shower Heads – High & Low Pressure


If you have ever been to a high-end hotel or spa and used a hand held shower head, you know how great it is. 

Getting that steamy hot water exactly where you want, easily takes your experience to the next level. Not only that, but a handheld shower head makes cleaning your tile stall and tubs a real breeze

The good news is that nearly anyone can enjoy this luxury at home. These are not expensive items and installing them on your own is fairly simple.

However, even if you have to shell out a few dollars to have one put in, you will not regret it. This would also be a perfect gift for anyone who takes showers. Hopefully, that includes everyone you know! We have broken down the numerous hand held shower head options to a shortlist so you can easily choose just the right fit for anyone.

You will definitely find a good variety of the best handheld shower head options on our list, but keep in mind that not every product will have every feature you like. And, if you are not the DIY type, you’ll also want to add the cost of installation to your budget. Just as with any other home item, it’s only as good as the installation.

Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Reports (2019)

*List recently updated for 2019



Product Name:










Now that you’ve seen the top 7 which are by the way, it’s now time to dive into their individual hand held shower head reviews. Keep in mind that there are some great prices and products to be found here on our list. We wanted to be sure there was something for everyone, and for every budget.  Below, you’ll see top 5 picked for this yearHave a look below find out more!


Delta Faucet 75700

This powerful handheld shower unit offers 2.6 gallon per minute(gpm) solid flow at 80 psi and has the added feature of a pause button so users can lather up. Delta is known for quality and this unit is no exception. 

Rubber touch soft clean holes in the showerhead allow easy fingertip cleaning so hard water build up is nipped before it starts. There’s also a full seven adjusting spray choices from full force massage to gentle rain. Top this off with three color choices and great value pricing, and you’ll see why this hand shower comes a close second to the top.


This is by far one of the easiest installations, and Delta also offers and honors a limited lifetime warranty. Delta is well known for excellent customer service.

This Delta hand shower offers the highest reviews of the massage setting for those who need to soothe achy muscles often. 

Ease of use overall is one of the most often mentioned best features. Settings are easy to manipulate and strong water flow is even at each setting.

The non slip feature of the Delta handheld shower head ensures users can enjoy soapy hot water without losing a grip of the full spa experience.

This product is very well priced for all the features and benefits. As one of the lowest priced on our list, the value stands out among our list.


  • – 7 spray settings include high power massage, full body spray, spray with massage, soft drench, drenching spray, and soft spray.
  • – Even basic DIYers can handle the installation and minimal tools are needed. Users who installed have no problems after handing on their own.


  • – Reports show some disappointment with lack of flexibility of the hose attachment and should be installed at angle pointed downward.
  • – Some users have indicated disappointment with the hand held shower head being made entirely of plastic. However, this does not interfere with functionality.


Ana Bath 5 Function SS5450CBN - Combo Shower Head Review​

This system made it to the number one spot because it not only has the great look of brushed nickel, but offers high pressure flow from the stationary head and the handheld shower head.

With 5 settings for water flow and sturdy metal fittings, this is also a unit which will last. The 5 foot hose on the handheld unit will reach muddy feet without a hiccup, and the extra wide 5 inch shower head ensures plenty of water from every angle.

With this much water flowing from the Ana Bath SS5450CBN, you would think it would create some pressure noise. But, this hand shower is quiet! Quite frankly, It is even perfect for low water pressure.


Brushed Nickel Finish is perfect for many bath/showers, and this model’s finish extends to the hose attachment. This look is superior to most.

Anti-clog feature allows users to clean out hard water and calcium deposits before the inevitable build up cuts down water flow. With a push of a button.​

Sturdy brass connectors allow three way adjusting on the fixed head part of the system. This will ensure the unit will work the way it’s intended without wearing out too soon.

Users can enjoy the fixed shower head with handheld combo. The high pressure output ensures no loss of even flow when both are in use.

This unit has five separate settings for the ultimate in massage, saturating spray, bubbling spray, and combinations of choices. This gives users the best in hand shower variety.

Larger than usual shower heads at 5 inches wide offer great coverage for even the largest of stalls and tubs. Perfect for showering more than a few kids at once.


  • Excellent customer service from manufacturer on questions and warranty services.
  • Easy to install, the only tool needed is a wrench. System comes with all hardware needed.


  • There is no temporary shut off located on the hand shower portion for those who want to lather up between soakings. 
  • There is no control on the handheld unit to turn on the stationary unit. They have to be opened at separate areas. 


Delta 58467 In2ition with Filter

This intriguing 2-in-1 shower combination offers a large sized shower head with handheld sprayer fitting snugly inside the stationary part. At the press of a button, the hand held portion can be removed from the seamless docking station on the fixed shower head. 

This allows the user to have either soaking shower, a handheld massaging, or both. This unique feature takes the guesswork out of getting the best of a spa type experience, bathing the dogs, and cleaning the tub or shower stall. The H20 kinectic technology is outstanding at giving the sensation of a high water output. In addition, this high end product also comes in a great variety of colors and it’s outstanding design gives this fixture a great look for any style of bathroom. Delta spared no originality with this shower head with handheld combo.


  • Easy install in a very few minutes, with only one attachment to existing shower pipe. Merely following the instructions and a wrench gives most everyone the ability to expertly enjoy the product.
  • The docking of the hand shower portion is exceptional as one press of button releases and snaps back in place in a second (thanks to powerful internal magnet). There is no need to shut water off before releasing or docking the detachable hand held shower.

  • The look of the product is one of the best we encountered. Users are very pleased with the aesthetic value.
  • The design of the unit, the technology, and the unique h2o-kinectic technology gives users the feel of more water without using up all the hot water in one shower. There is great saturation at each of the settings.


  • This is very highly rated by users who have tried other products in the past for much less money.
  • Delta offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products.
  • Expense may be part of the reason some won’t buy, but those who have splurged felt the extra cost well worth it.


  • This is one of the highest priced handheld shower units on the market.
  • This product does not offer as many options for adjustment of water flow as other products.
  • Every item needed for installation is not included with purchase. The arm and flange will need to be purchased separately.


Hansgrohe 0407200

This product is priced a bit higher than the value priced handheld shower heads, but the reviews indicate the real star of this product is the power. The three settings, including an intense turbo spray, have won customers over. 

For shower heads with handheld sprayer options, power and utility are critical. The unit itself is also one of the lightest weights of the handhelds we researched. The fact that this much power comes from a handheld shower head at just 6.6 ounces is a gift to anyone who might be replacing a clunky 90’s version weighing up to a couple of pounds. 

The Hansgrohe is sleek by design, but can still offer a great soaking in large tubs or shower stalls. There is also a quick clean feature to assure there’s no buildup from hard water, and Hansgrohe has a fairly generous warranty included as well.


  • – The oversized 4-inch shower head is perfect for this powerful handheld. The Turbo setting is strong, so the large face assures balanced massage accordingly.
  • – This is very easy to install, but should be noted additional pieces need to be purchased. The piece to attach this handheld to the pipe is sold separately.
  • – The Hansgrobe is very light and easy to maneuver for showering the young ones. And, the 75 spray channels will scrub them in no time.
  • – Customers love the simple look. It’s a breeze to operate and doesn’t look too large in small areas.


  • – Easy to install. Buyers report no more than a few minutes.
  • – This easy version of a handheld shower head is true simplicity. Not just the design, but lightweight and stellar functions.
  • – Cost is less than even mid-priced products. The value it offers for the functionality puts it at the top of our list.


  • – The Hansgrobe does not include everything needed to install the handheld shower head. Be sure to check what’s needed.
  • – There is no control on the handheld to turn the water off for shaving or soaping up. Users will need to replace the head for this.
  • – The hose for the handheld unit is not included in the purchase. Again, be sure to note what you’ll need before checking out.


AquaDance 3312 High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The AquaDance has consistently made top ten lists for handheld shower heads. And, there are more than a few reasons why. This is well-made, metal hand held shower head has the one of the easiest installations on the market. 

There are no tools needed, as this handheld shower head will fit any existing pipe. The flexible, reinforced steel hose (included) is made to stand up over time, and the overhead bracket is adjustable for hands-free showering at every angle.

Customers not only value the durability, but also the easy one click setting change and ergonomic handle. The 6-variety settings include a pause feature for those who need a break for shampooing or shaving, and the one click feature makes sure it’s snap to use. Plus, this is great for water saving in boats or RV’s. At the number five spot, it is one of the best rated shower heads out.


  • The Aquadance is a great looking product and offers a very unique water jet design. This is where design truly meets function.
  • Every piece needed for installation is included, and fits any pipe. There is no need to budget extra money for installation.

  • This unit includes six settings. Just one click gets exactly what you want from one of the best shower head with hose options we’ve seen.
  • The Aquadance has become so popular as a gift that it arrives beautifully boxed and ready to go. There are no plastic containers or bags, and boxes are all recyclable.


  • This handheld shower is one of the sturdiest on the market with steel and chrome plated ABS. Customers love the longevity and negligible repair issues.
  • Very powerful settings offer the best in massage features. And, for those who prefer softer pressure can enjoy the rain massage setting.
  • The aesthetic value is clear. The chrome finish is ideal for any bath or shower design.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. Assistance for installation by phone is offered at purchase.


  • The value price of the Aquadance is part and parcel to moving plastic parts. Though they are impervious to rust, a few may need replacement fairly quickly.
  • The showerhead itself weighs in at 1.5 pounds, so installing at an angle where weight is distributed evenly as possible. This will ensure the holder doesn’t break under the weight.
  • Customers reported the need to remove water regulators in the handle to enjoy the full power of the product. This is especially true in water restricted areas. 
  • pipe in shower or tub area is at ceiling level, this can be a very difficult installation. It is best to check with customer service for procedure.


HotelSpa 7-Setting AquaCare Series - shower head with on/off switch

The more than ample settings and unique flexible hose make this product another customer favorite. The handle on this handheld shower unit also offers and on/off switch allowing users to place the unit in the holder without getting sprayed in the face in the process.

And, pausing the shower saves water, too. The real unique feature of this product is the hose, which comes in two different sizes (up to 7 feet) and is the most flexible one we have found on our list. Customers rate is the easiest to accommodate any movement without impeding placement of water flow.

For hands free use, the pivoting holder also permits directional choices when not using the handheld shower feature. In addition, easy installation requires no tools, and every piece needed is included in the purchase. The Hotel Spa 7-Setting is perfect for elderly and the handicap, if needed!


  • The spiral flow design ensures powerful delivery in all 7 settings. This is unique feature to the HotelSpa product in which physics assists in a perfect delivery.
  • The large sized 4-inch shower head face allows delivery of water flow in larger spaces. This not only assists in shorter use time, but helps with cleaning tubs and shower stalls.
  • The brass fixtures on the HotelSpa product ensures adjustments are quick, easy, and have staying power. These also hold up where plastic parts may not.
  • The bracket which holds the shower head adjusts to the highest or lowest angle when using the unit in its holder. This range of possibilities is not always available with other designs.


  • The device includes. Whether the need is a quick rinse or a deep massage, this covers it all.
  • Whether the need is a quick rinse or a deep massage, this covers it all.
  • The large sized 4-inch shower head face allows delivery of water flow in larger spaces. This not only assists in shorter use time, but helps with cleaning tubs and shower stalls.
  • The flexible hose is a great feature for those who might have fought with hoses in the past with little or no give. This allows users to stretch the handheld shower to where it is needed.
  • The design offers a precision which some other models don’t. If a deep massage is needed at only one specific area, this unit delivers.


  • The mount unit for this handheld shower uses a suction cup. For those with fiberglass showers or acrylic walls, the use of silicone may be required.
  • Customers have reported the hoses do not stretch as advertised, but found expert advice with company’s customer service professionals.
  • Few parts were not useable as shipped, but company replaced immediately at no charge.



Though this product is the last on our list, it made it to our top seven for some very specific reasons. This model has some great functions. For those who have shower needs for a variety of family members, the LED thermometer readout can be a lifesaver.

Obviously, small children, dogs, and the elderly will not tolerate the hot, steamy showers that an adult can. The temperature of the water is critical. We don’t have to research very much to find stories of young children who suffered with water too hot for their sensitive skin.

A quick glance to the thermometer placed at eye level of the wand can indicate the water temperature, alerting to the need to adjust. There is no need to guess at the output of water, either. Made from stainless steel, the water is delivered as a small shower, gently and consistently so there is no guesswork here. Can even be used as the perfect massage shower head for those who like to enjoy their shower!


  • The powerful jet from this handheld shower works perfectly as it delivers enough water for showers, pets, and cleaning. But, at the perfect temperature for each.
  • The premier selling point is safety. The easy to read LED thermometer ensures best practice for every family member.
  • The very modern design fits perfect for the kids bathroom or mother-in-law room. The sleek design is up and out of the way.
  • The very slight weight at just over one pound makes maneuvering the handheld shower a breeze for any family member.


  • Every item needed to install is included. Even the most novice of DIYers should have no problem.
  • Purchasers with very specific safety needs will love the premise of this product. Customers who purchased for senior family members, for example.


  • Hose is only 4 feet long, shorter than most other products. Buyers should consider their tub or shower fixture before purchasing.
  • There is no variety of settings. This handheld shower delivers one speed and selection of water flow.


AquaDance Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure Shower Head

This is one of the best showers that is well designed keeping in mind that showers can get clogged due to the growing of mold and bacteria on the shower jet passage.

This new design has nozzles that do not allow microbes to grow and keep the water pressure at maximum even after using for years. Any debris on the shower can easily be cleaned and removed because of the plastic elastic composition.

My Impression:

I was in love with this product within a few days of use as the water pressure from my shower was incredible. I did not have to clean it every day or panic about the clogging anymore. The bigger head on this shower can easily clean your whole body at one go and the smaller one is best for the purpose of shampooing. It is very easy to use, and the installation of this shower literally took me a few minutes.

What could be better?

I could not really get how to bend the head upward or downward when I wanted to change the angle of the shower. It can be unscrewed but the angle cannot be changed. This stiffness can be made better by allowing the users to bend the shower head without unscrewing the head.

More Features:

  • – This shower has two different size shower heads that you can use together or separately with 30 different settings you can choose from.  
  • – It can be installed very easily within minutes without the use of any tools. 
  • – No mold or bacteria can grow because of the antimicrobial technology that is used in making of this product.


Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Showerhead

It is usually annoying to stick the shower back in the hook with the old designs, but this new innovative shower has a magnetic touch to it which makes it absolutely easy to attach the shower head back after using as a hand-held shower.

This 59-inch hose is also known for being great for water conservation and eco-friendly as it meets the watersense standards. To add, it offers six different spray options to make the shower experience diverse and just the way you want it.  

My Impression:

I could finally say with confidence that my shower experience has become great after using this product. I do not have to worry about putting the shower head back when I have shampoo or soap on my head as the magnet does the work very easily. The various spray options also make it a great project and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.  

What could be better?

I am a little skeptical about the plastic material that is gray in color and makes the base of the shower. The quality is not great, and I can already see it coming out thus making the shower hard to maintain for very long time. This plastic base needs to be replaced by an iron or other better-quality product material for longer sustainability of the product.  

More Features:

  • – This shower goes very well with natural decorations in the washroom and is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • – The product has six unique shower spray functions that make it customized product to use. 
  • – The magnet technology makes it extremely convenient to attach and detach the spray head. 
  • – It meets the watersense program introduced by EPA to save water on the planet.


AquaStar Elite High-Pressure 6-setting Luxury Spa Hand Shower

There is no better shower option than this one if you plan to keep your shower for a very long time without getting it clogged by bacteria. It is extremely easy to clean and has a protection against microbes all year around. 

The stainless steel will remain as new for years without getting any stains or having any impact on the quality of the material. The over-head shower can easily be detached and works as a hand shower for the convenience of the user when needed. It gives you an amazing shower experience that you can find in no other product.

My Impression:

This easy to install shower is of great quality and the water pressure is well maintained even after using for a long time. The weight of the shower is also very light and can be easily used by removing it from the hook and holding in hand. There is no reason why anybody would not buy a product like this that meets all your requirements and is sustainable.

What could be better?

The hose leaks at times and needs to be fixed quite frequently. I think it is some fault in the design that makes it change the fitting position hence needs the fixing. The manufacturers need to improve the hose to be put together easily without leaking problems.

More Features:

  • – The shower is made up of stainless steel that is resistant to rust and any stains.  
  • – The over-head shower is easy to reach and very convenient to be used as hand-held when needed. 
  • – Clogging in the shower is totally eliminated and the pressure is well maintained even after years of use. 
  • – This shower is very easy to clean and keeps the aesthetic quality without losing the new looks.

Questions About Handheld Shower Heads

How Long Do Shower Heads Last?

The lasting of shower head is really dependent on the quality of the products that you are using. Some shower heads can go for a year with regular cleaning while others would need to be replaced within a few months. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that shower heads last for six months on average and must be considered to change or clean intensively. If there are stains or molds on the shower that do not come out easily while cleaning, one should know that the shower must be changed to get a healthy and best experience of showering.

Do Shower Heads Have Bacteria?

Most of the showers that are not equipped with anti-bacterial technology do have bacteria in the shower heads. It is not necessary that the bacteria present in the shower head are always harmful for human beings, but scientists argue that some shower heads have NTM bacteria across the US that can be harmful and may cause lung disease. With the improved technology use in showers, the presence of bacteria has been reduced to a huge extend and these products are easily available on Amazon.

Are Shower Heads Universal?

Shower heads are mostly standardized for different countries but are not all universal.  There are some shower heads that can be used all over the world, but it is not true for every shower head. The shower heads in the United States are standardized to be ½” IPS, but it is different in the UK as they use British Standard Pipe Thread system that is totally different measurement.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Head?

There is really no definite and concrete answer for this question. There are people who clean their shower every day and others who clean it in weeks. The ideal case is that one should clean their shower head once in a month with intensive cleaning material and methods so that there are no bacteria that would cause in the clogging of the shower head. Nevertheless, it is also highly recommended by experts to clean your shower head once every week to keep your shower in perfect condition. Vinegar-based cleaning solution is one of the best ways to keep your shower head clean and tidy.

Installing a handheld shower head

Final Words

We thank you for taking a look through each best handheld shower head. And, we hope you’ll share all this great information with your homeowner friends!

Or, at least send along to those who may be shopping for your next gift. We are confident we have chosen the best of the best to make everyone’s shopping a bit easier, and their life a bit more luxurious. After all, everyone could use a little of that.

Whichever product meets your needs in the best way possible, will certainly be your best option. Shower head and handheld combo products will not only upgrade any bathroom, but will upgrade your daily routine too. If you enjoyed reading this and want to read the best reviews of almost anything you can think of, please click back to the home page and navigate around. You are bound to find something useful.

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